Wednesday, July 21, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

As part of my plan for extending the joy all throughout the season, I'll be doing a little something for Mr. Christmas Heart this year on St. Nicholas Day.

I love the idea of making up little traditions for a small gift, but he’s very difficult to buy for, and any “little gift” ideas I may get are things I need to stuff his stocking with; it’s a BIG stocking, and I don’t want to deplete my stash too much before Christmas Day. I hate a limp, half-empty stocking!

I want to have a little something for him, though; he’s a musician, and I think I’ll go with that theme.

I’ll get guitar picks, nail-clippers, maybe some guitar strings; things that I always put in his stocking anyway, and can STILL add in. I normally put 10 clippers and picks in the toe; this year, he'll just get half of them a little early.

Oh, and maybe some Throat Coat tea, and a note telling him how very much I love to hear him play carols every night. He plays every single night for me, and I just adore it....

This year Hallmark has a guitar ornament that I could give him on St Nick day, too.

A lottery scratcher and some snacks would fill it all out nicely!

I need to find a little boot to stuff!!!! Anyone know where I can get one?


  1. Go to

    I think you'll find what you are looking for.

  2. In the spirit of helping out small businesses, I am definitely getting a few of the little bags, but I'd still really like a boot!

  3. You are on to a great idea here! Good luck with the search!


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