Monday, July 19, 2010

St. Lucia Day

So I have been focusing a lot this month on ways I can jazz up the holidays, and scatter little mini-celebrations throughout the entire season ; my breakfast post yesterday reminded me of St. Lucia's Day.

Those of you who know me know there is nothing I would love more than to go swanning around the house all day with candles on my head, but here are some rather more practical ideas I thought of to make December 13th special!

How about making that the day you serve breakfast for supper? It could be a special fancy breakfast, or just your regular breakfast meal, but this is a simple way to make a new tradition! Breakfast-for-supper on December 13th every year....mark your calendars!

Or you could focus on the candle aspect of it, and focus the days activities around candles...maybe try a new scented candle, maybe use only candles for light that evening, give everyone a little scented votive (that you picked up dirt cheap during the holiday sales last year!) or just anything candle related.

Hey, why not serve your breakfast-for-supper by candlelight???

Or focus on the charity aspect of it, and make this the day you and you kids visit the Old Folks home, or just make it a special day with the grandparents...or if the grandparents are not local, maybe you call them, prepare their gifts, write a letter to them (be cool to mail the letter timed to arrive on the 13th...a sweet yearly tradition for them,too!), just do something that focuses on the grandparents or any old folks in your life! (your elderly aunts and uncles, the elderly lady next door, the old grump up the could do anonymous good deeds...donate 5 or 10 bucks online to the Alzheimer's Association or other elder charity etc, etc.)

Dress everyone up in white with red accessories that day???

So, recap:   Everyone dresses in red and white that day, you make breakfast for dinner, eat it by candlelight, and after dinner you either call the grandparents, visit the grandparents or the old folks home, or make/shop for/wrap their present, and/or do a good deed for an elderly person.

Or you could just swan around the house with candles on your head.

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