Saturday, November 14, 2009

And so it begins....

My tree has been up a week now, and today I brought out a few more decorations.

When we bought a fake tree a few years ago, my goal was to have it up by Nov 1st each year, or at the very latest by The Birthday Weekend, which is whatever weekend falls between my husband's birthday (Nov 9th) and mine (Nov 17th.)

Yes, I know, it's EARLY, but we've been doing it three years now, and I absolutely love it! You must keep in mind that I have had autumn decorations up since June, so I am more than ready to deck them halls for Christmas!!!

Decorating this early has two major benefits for me; first and foremost, it allows me two solid months of pure Christmas joy, and it also means that I have no regrets about putting everything away once the Holidays are over. I have had my fill by then, as opposed to all the years we had a real tree, and I only got to enjoy everything for two weeks.

As my dear friend Liz at Loagan Ranch says, (and I quote!) decorating this early means I can kick back and enjoy every holiday event, party, gathering, cookie exchange and church activity that I choose to go to and not have to worry about missing out cuz I'm still decorating the house.

By the way, Elizabeth is The ULTIMATE Christmas Queen, not to mention a True Domestic Goddess, and y'all definitely need to be following her blog, and the one she writes for Grit.

I won't hang the stockings or listen to any Christmas music til Black Friday, and the mantle is not yet decorated. But my favorite Christmas scented candles are burning as I type this, and both my home and my Christmas heart are all a-glow.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Tammy!!!!!! Hello sweet Triplet. I found you through your post on Terri's blog. We put our outside lights up this weekend, and I'd like to get my artificial tree up for the dining room and kitchen maybe this coming weekend. Have an awesome birthday tomorrow!!!

  2. OMG, how did I not know about the Christmas blog???? I knew about the political one, and here you wrote such sweet things about me. I feel like a heel! Love the blog!!!!

  3. well, damn. How did I miss this? Tanya finds you through my blog and I didn't even know you have one??


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