Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No mantel? No problem!

I have a very dear friend who is truly a Christmas Queen.

Over the years, she has blessed me with so many fabulous Christmas ideas and she is writing a book filled with the most magical, charming, adorable Christmas things! (It's actually a book of all kinds of seasonal things, not just Christmas) Believe me when I tell you that she has made amazing, wonderful memories for her three beautiful daughters!

Anyway, I asked her permission to share my all-time favorite idea of hers; I think it is just TOO charming for words!

I hope the pic is large enough for you to see...she made a stocking holder out of a twin bed frame.

Thank you, Little Bit, for allowing me to share your genius on the world wide intertubes! MWAH!!!!


  1. I love this idea! We don't have a fireplace and I have always hung our stockings on our stair's banister. If I see a bed head like this though, I might have to give this idea a try. Thanks for sharing it!

    Best wishes,

  2. This is such a clever idea, thanks for sharing.


  3. Hello Tammy. That is a great idea!
    Thank you for visiting the Christmas decor. I loved your comments and I'm glad you enjoy my blog. It was done for us.
    I do not speak your language with fluency, but the heart speaks for us.
    Hugs and be at peace,

  4. I remember this! Such a cool idea! Can't wait to be back in the states where I can shop for my own headboard and other great treasures!!

  5. With so many of us without fireplaces, this is an excellent idea. Thanks for posting it.

  6. Hello Tammy, glad you liked my blog, I loved her too and I'm already following you.
    Congratulations on the blog.

  7. I love this!! I don't have a mantle either, but I do have a handy husband. I think I know what his next project is going to be.

  8. Happy Halloween to you Tammy! But a Christmas Tree on Halloween? Say it ain't so! :o( But I understand, I am the same way with Halloween, I start my preps in August. And as for Christmas, our tree goes up Thanksgiving weekend. But that's mostly because that's just about the first weekend you can buy trees at the tree lots down here in FL and we always get a fresh one. That, and it takes me the next 3 weeks just to get all my Halloween stuff put away...ha! Love the project above too...very, very clever! :o)

  9. I saw the comments section on Laurie Anna's Blog and loved the name of your Blog so much I had to stop by and say hello! I will be a regular over here...Nice to meet you! Enjoy your day ~ Sherri

  10. could you send me a picture of your husband? but i think the answer is yes! it's time for a change!!!

  11. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  12. A creative idea for those without a mantle!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog,


  13. Hi Tammy!
    Thank you for to visit me the other day.
    I love come here every day.
    Happy day for you!


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